Monday, May 05, 2008

Thoughts for the Day

One of the absurdities one often hears from The Left is that there is such a thing as excess profits or surplus capital. In effect, that someone (other than the whiny Leftist) has too much money and that they have stashed it away somewhere it is not being used.

But in the real world all profits are either used to purchase goods and services created by other people or they are invested in a productive enterprise with the reasonable expectation of a further profit. In either case one man's profit provides gainful employment for other people. But to the whiny Leftist this is evil because it doesn't allow him or her to exist parasitically off of other people.


Wanda Ventham

Need I say anything more?


HTRN said...

Interesting fact: You know how the Carpet bagger and her primary opponent, the jackass from Chicago, both keep talking about "windfall profit taxes"?

Well, apparently Exxon last year paid as much as the bottom 95% of taxpayers, about $265 BILLION dollars, out of roughly 400 Billion in gross receipts.

So much for that theory, hunh?

Leslie Bates said...

I think I'm going to say something about that tomorrow.