Wednesday, May 07, 2008

More things Mr. Welch is required or not allowed to do in a role playing game

1076. When told to dress like a Goth I will make sure with no uncertainty whether they mean black clothes and eyeliner or chainmail and shield.

1077. There is no such thing as a weresaxophonist.

1078. If 48 straight hours of pistol whipping doesn’t convince the terrorist to spill his guts, another 48 hours probably won’t either.

1082. There is no such thing as a brothel crawl.

1085. “Everybody Wang Chung tonight” is not an acceptable use of the Mass Suggestion spell.

1091. In the middle of a Black Ops, if a character dies I will not disavow knowledge of him until after the mission is over.

1092. If the battle goes for 20 rounds, we don’t have to stop and wait for the zamboni guy to clean up the battlefield.

1093. I will not tell the rookies they can roll down their Y-Wing’s windows.

1099. After a successful Black Ops, before I’m paid I will not immediately adopt a dozen children for the tax breaks.

1100. I cannot wish that someone else was an Oscar Meyer weiner.

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HTRN said...

These keep getting funnier and funnier.