Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Suggestion


Years after the end of the war, American G.I.'s were often asked why they fought so hard in the Second World War and the answer was almost always the same:

"So my kids don't have to come over here and do this again"

Americans of that war and that generation, knew the high cost that comes from an incomplete victory and a policy of isolation because they had learned the lesson of 1919. The American nation was shocked at the cost of the First World War and chose to enter a period of isolation afterwards but the result was not peace, but the rise of Hitler and the Japanese Empire. The cost of the 'peace movement' that formed at the end of the First World War could be measured in real terms of the 52 million people world wide who died in the second period of conflict.

It was a conflict that could've been avoided. The conflict of the Second World War and its horrid cost in lives is what inspired a generation to do what it could to ensure that the lives spent in that conflict would not be wasted by the nation being forced in the next generation of American soldiers being sent to the soil of Europe to fight yet another war.

The narcissistic trash that makes up the membership of the so-called peace movement simply do not care whether you and your children live, or die, or suffer under the yoke of an unwashed barbarian. They plaster their cars with bumper sticker, carry signs, bang on drums, throw Frisbees, and perform other useless rituals so that they can feel good about themselves and show the world how morally superior they are. Never mind that they openly deny the fundamental fact which is the foundation of all valid moral law, that Human Life -- life as a rational being in control of one's own life -- is the standard of all moral values, and that those who would damage or destroy Human Life must be removed from human society and if necessary be destroyed.

The adherents of pacifism have so inverted their own mental processes that they look upon the perpetrators of mass slavery and mass murder as good and those who take up arms to defend the society of consent as the most depraved evil.

Those who profess to be a part of the "peace movement" need to understand that the emotion of "wanting peace" alone is almost never enough to actually gain the peace they so desire. On occasion, you have to demonstrate that you are willing to fight to be able to maintain the peace that you have. A large number of military people for over 60 years dedicated their lives to the cause of maintaining peace in Europe. Lives were lost, large amounts treasure were expened, and it took three generations to fully accomplish the mission of peace in Europe, but the true price of peace is never cheap or easy or fast. The cost of failure to remainvigilent fills the graveyards of battlefield after battlefield all across the world.


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