Thursday, May 10, 2007

And Now...

Usually I post this sort of thing over at My Own Private Universe but I've already updated it this week.

From 1001 Things Mr. Welch is not allowed to do in a roleplaying game:

976. I was not issued a flamethrower for my own personal amusement.

977. Disable plot device is not a real skill.

979. Mumus do not appear in the starting equipment list for a reason.

981. My last wish cannot be for Ragnarok.

982. Trailblaze means find a path, not cut down every tree between here and there.

984. In the middle of a black ops I cannot moonlight as tech support.

990. Even if he botches his medicine roll, I can't sue the medtech for malpractice.

991. "Kiww the Wabbit" is not a proper viking battlecry.

994. Corporate Pop Whore is not a real prestige class.

998. The script for the Baywatch movie does not cause more Sanity loss than the Necronomicon.

1000. I will stop referring to the powergamer as MinMaximus.

1001. No matter how bad the game is going, I won't stradle the table like Slim Pickens riding a bomb.

What I want to know is what is the deal with the accordion?

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