Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Meanwhile...Across The Ocean

More victims of the false god Allah:

In an horrific incident of Christian persecution on September 1, some unidentified militants slew two children of a missionary couple who is working with At Any Cost Jesus Mission, a underground ministry evangelizing to the Muslim nations.

A press release sent via e-mail to ANS by Any Cost Jesus Mission said that the assailants torched the dead bodies of teenaged children Shalom, 15 and Sharon 14 after murdering them brutally in the northern district of Pakistan.

The teenaged victims according to the press release were secondary school students.

“Shalom and Sharon were kidnapped along with their missionary parents and two other younger sisters 10 days before the murder. The militants asked them to convert to Islam but they refused,” said the press release.

“So the militants killed Shalom first. Then they raped the girl and cut one of her breasts in front of her parents. She too died”, the press release quoted another underground missionary, Habel who it said broke the news to Any Cost Jesus Mission from a hidden place.

Victims denounced by the left in...

If something like had occurred in the time of the British Rule over this area the animals who did this would have been hunted down and killed. Because that is what a true civilization did to those who chose to act like subhuman animals.

Pakistan is now under the rule of savages.

Savages who now possess nuclear weapons.

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