Saturday, February 18, 2006

And Now...

Cheers Greet Cheney at Appearance in Wyo.

"It's a wonderful experience to be greeted by such warmth by the leaders of our great state. It's especially true when you've had a very long week," Cheney told lawmakers in Cheyenne.

"Thankfully, Harry Whittington is on the mend and doing very well."

But now William F. Buckley, Jr. has something to say on the subject:

We all know what then happened. But the only thing that then happened that seemed to catch national attention was that the party drove not to the nearest newspaper, but to the hospital.

An account was filed with a local newspaper, and the doleful news came from the hospital that one pellet had entered the heart of the victim. There is little doubt but that he will survive. Mr. Cheney has said that what blame there is, is Cheney's. That detail, by the way is also not fully explored -- conceivably the victim had failed to identify his position when moving forward from the firing line established by hunters moving in parallel.

We can't celebrate a backlash until Mr. W. is back home and well. But here is one observer who predicts that Mr. W. will chuckle over the misadventure, unless, after years of friendship with Mr. Cheney, he only now discovers that he is arrogant, defiant, and that he uses vulgar language.

And what are your questions on this block of instruction?

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