Sunday, January 29, 2006

Meanwhile...Across The Ocean

Dr. John Ray linked to this story:

Calls to act on Soviet crimes

SIXTEEN years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Council of Europe became the first international body to consider the crimes against humanity that were committed by the communist regimes of the Soviet Union and other states.

In a debate that relit the clash between Russia and Western European countries, the 43-nation council considered a report by a Swedish parliamentarian that also called on former communist states to teach the truth about their former regimes, erect memorials to the victims and create days of remembrance.

A resolution, adopted by a simple majority, referred to "individual and collective assassinations, death in concentration camps, starvation, deportation, torture, slave labour and other forms of mass physical terror."

I believe that we need to set aside May 1st as a day of rememrance for the victims of Communism.

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