Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A Question

Dr. Sanity raises the following question about the Democrats:

What does it take to get serious about the fact that we are fighting for our survival as a civilization?

I would as a guess give the answer that the Democrats are fully well aware of the fact that we are fighting for the survival of civilization and that they are for all practical purposes on the opposite side.

Civilization in both the moral and economic aspects is based on the principle of consent. But since productive people cannot tolerate any form of sustained parasitism, those who seek to exist as parasites must destroy the society of consent and replace it with a political order where the parasites would enjoy a superior status over the productive.

One form of the rule of the parasites is called Islam, another form is called Socialism.

(And I should point out here that Socialism is toxic to humans whether it is practiced by the Communist Party of the Soviet Union or the National Socialist German Worker's Party. It doesn't matter if grape flavoring or orange flavoring is added to the toxic brew -- poison is poison.)

(And another thing: What part of "National Socialist German Worker's Party" do some university produced drones not understand?)

The good doctor goes on to say:

If I saw an individual behaving as our country's leaders in Congress are behaving right now, I would have to conclude that they are acutely suicidal and represent an imminent danger to all of us.

Absolutely God-damned right.

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