Wednesday, November 23, 2005


The Dumb Plumber has moved over to blogspot.

Why he calls himself a "dumb" plumber is something that is beyond logical understanding, for example:

Chris Ewen’s letter to the editor on Friday correctly points out that most of the ‘children’ killed by guns are actually, gang members, thugs, rapists, murderers and muggers, whose numbers shouldn’t be combined with innocent children to ‘fluff’ statistics. This is a very important observation and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Since children will always be killed by guns through accident, mishandling, and gross stupidity, these losses should be minimized by caring parents and not lawmakers. On the other hand, the aforementioned murderers, gangsters, etc., should be required to attend target practice, so that their intended victims will be sporting toe tags instead of filling the jails and hospitals at taxpayer expense, after the inevitable confrontations.

Hopefully the improved aim will severely reduce their numbers and ultimately improve the prospects for the rest of us.

Oh... sarcasm...


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