Sunday, July 24, 2005

Someone Else's Thought For The Day

sms111 at Little Green Footballs wrote:

These leftist idiots are jealous of the Jews.

Leftists, your religion is dying. Its flame is going out in the universe.

Your obsession with a redemption myth and on a utopia that can never happen due to the animal nature of mankind, a nature that you naively refuse to understand, is bad enough.

Your willful recklessness towards dismantling and destroying the current society with little regard to what might replace it - which is most likely a totalitarian regime led by a madman that will kill tens or hundreds of millions, including you and your own families - is a sign of unadulterated mental derangement.

Your de facto alliances with, and apologetics for, the most brutal and oppressive movements on the face of the earth, and your sociopathic disregard for the mass injustice and the horrible deaths of 100 million people your enablement of monsters has already caused, is the final symptom of your madness.

Reasonable people are now being informed of the truth about your religion due to the stunning defeat of your mainstream media's lock-hold on information dissemination, a defeat led by the US-military-created Internet.

This will be your undoing as more reasonable people increase their political and, yes, physical resistance against you. Rathergate was just the very mild beginning.

Your secrets are out; your madness and stupidity exposed; you will not survive.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled reality.

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