Thursday, July 28, 2005

So Anyway

Varifrank is making fun of Yoko Ono.

Good for him.

Now some people might wish that the poor woman would be left alone. I on the other hand believe that a performance artist who has made a career of striking absurd political and moral poses and emitting incoherent noises deserves to be mocked.

And anyone who struck poses in the effective service of some of the vilest people on Earth simply could not be mocked enough.

By the way, here is my contribution to great festival of Yoko Ono mocking:

Now that the Chauchat was in Jumpspace, Daevagh needed to speak to Dennis. He knocked on the Captain's Cabin door.

"Enter!" Dennis yelled.

The door slid open and Daevagh stepped in.

Dennis was sitting across the lower bunk with his back against the wall. The screen over the desk across the cabin was showing what appeared to be a documentary program.

"What are you watching?" Dav asked.

"A recent episode of a Solomani documentary series," said Dennis. "It's called 'Man's Crisis of Identity in the Latter Half of the Twentieth Century.' The subject of this episode is the question of whether Yoko Ono was actually a fifth Beatle, or just a talentless and inscrutable bore."

This was almost completely beyond Daevagh's comprehension.

"So which was he?" he asked.

"She," said Dennis. "I personally favor the talentless bore point of view."

"I must confess," Dennis continued, "that I've found a roll of duct tape, a high quality audio headset, and one of her early recordings to be quite useful when questioning a prisoner."

"Um . . . okay," said Dav.

"Did you need to speak to me about something?"

"It can wait." Said Daevagh as he slowly backed out of the Captain's Cabin.

No, I'm not posting the URL at this time.

What? Okay... I will...

Friends In High Places, Part Ten.

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