Friday, July 08, 2005

Rant of the Day

I originally published this as a comment over at Political Yen/Yang:

When an anti-particle comes into contact with a normal particle the two particles are annihilated, the subsequent energy release then disrupts the structure of the normal matter around it. What we are confronted with are not human beings in the moral sense of the concept but anti-human beings.

Unlike mere animals they have the capacity for creative thought, but instead of applying their minds to the protection and enhancement of human life they are dedicated to the destruction of life. Mere animals will attack humans out of fear or hunger. Anti-humans attack out of nihilistic hatred of human life.

While animals can be driven off or isolated from human populations, anti-humans retain their capacity for creative thought and will at some point defeat the means of isolation resume their attacks on human populations. If human society is to survive then the cause of anti-human behavior must be eliminated.

Islam must be destroyed.

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