Wednesday, December 24, 2003

What IS The Problem With That Lot?

One of the points The Laughing Wolf made about Al Qaeda was:

The concept of a Republic and responsible citizenry is foreign to them. They see our population as sheep, and honestly believe that the politicians control and direct the public, and that the public will simply accept whatever happens. They see the Old Media pushing agendas, without realizing that the Old Media does not really represent, or even inform, the majority of Citizens. It is a miscalculation that will hurt them.
The one thing that the willfully depraved are loathe to do is to acknowledge the fact that there are people who are in fact better in some respect than they are. To make such an acknowledgement is to issue an indictment of themselves and their own actions.

The willfully depraved will murder individuals or even exterminate entire nations before they will recognize the truth about themselves.

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