Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Oh, Really?

I thought this was a work of fiction:

A mid-level federal official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said authorities were able to reconstruct what happened that evening.

"On Oct. 26, 1985, a 1971 Volkswagen minibus entered the parking lot of the Twin Pines Mall, a large retail complex outside of Hill Valley, California. The vehicle contained four adult Libyan nationals, armed with assault weapons. For reasons unknown, the Libyans accelerated at a high rate of speed around the parking lot, firing several rounds at a target believed to be Dr. Emmett Brown, a physicist of minor repute. Brown may have been hit several times by these rounds, or may have driven off in his silver DeLorean sports car, since neither his body nor the car were found at the scene. In any case, the Libyan operator then lost control of the vehicle, which came to rest on top of the Keys-2-Heaven kiosk, an establishment at the mall which provided key-duplication and key-refurbishment services," the official said, reading from the now de-classified Government report on the matter.

Libyan sources said that Colonel Qaddafi, terrified that American and British forces might turn on him next, decided to cave in before it was too late.

"Now look. When I say come clean with everything, I mean everything," Qaddafi reportedly said, according to someone familiar with the matter. "And that includes that little 'incident' we planned to get back at that Brown fellow. Wherever it was."
Didn't someone make a movie about this?

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