Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Terminally F**king Dumb

I have no grounds to believe that the Kim Dynasty could build ICBM's with the resources available to them nor could I believe that they could acquire Russian or Chinese surplus missiles without someone finding out about it. (Except of course for members of our own mainstream media who would bury the story and blame President Trump when missiles are finally launched.) But if those double-damned murderers would pull their noses out of their Marxist textbooks and actually pay attention to the real world and real history they might notice something. That attempts by culturally 'eastern' nations or empires, such as Persia and Carthage, to destroy or conquer western nations, such as Greece and Rome, not only fail but fail catastrophically. An attack with fission or fusion bombs on the Anglosphere nations in general or the United States in particular would kill millions of civilians and leave several hundred million really, really, really angry Anglo-Americans with a largely intact industrial base and the best trained and equipped armed forces on the planet to serve as the cadre for a more massive volunteer force. When the rubble in North Korea stops bouncing I would expect that the Anglosphere nations will effectively OWN the planet and that Marxism will be a doctrine practiced only in Hell.

Say hello to the Imperium America.

Part the nose in the textbook problem that appears to plague the Kim Dynasty is that their belief that North Korean nukes may be sufficient to shatter our civilization may be the result of being mentally stuck in the master/slave culture box. Some of their nukes, which would have to be delivered by smugglers instead of missiles, will be used to decapitate our political leadership. This would briefly stun us, but it would not totally paralyze us as it would if we were a master/slave culture like the socialist states. As a citizen ruled republic we can replace our own political leadership from our own ranks in short order. Something that the Marxists stuck in their master/slave paradigm may not be able to understand. And Washington is not a holy city for us. Even though they could wreck Washington, President Trump, or his successor, will still be able to govern effectively from behind a folding card table in a tent in the middle of a Kansas wheat field. Of course, I won't say which Kansas wheat field.

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