Sunday, December 24, 2017


Inherent in Socialist doctrines implicit premise that the mere human being is an animal without a mind, or a soul, and thus without rights,  and it should be treated as such by the ideal socialist state.  If there is anyone who has a right to be offended at such public utterances it is the victims of Socialism.

Of course the Socialist believer is going to be offended when the truth is spoken. Socialism is in practice the destruction of persons and entire societies as a whole. Socialist doctrines are the lies that the socialist must tell himself in order to avoid the self realization that he is in fact a thief and a murderer.  Of course the truth is going to hurt their feelings. So what?  A Socialist is not bothered in the slightest when one of them publicly incites a mob to murder elected officials and their families because the officials are upholding and defending the Constitution to which they have sworn.  The Socialist sees this as normal and acceptable behavior.  But because the Socialists cannot--or will not--believe in a higher standard of behavior they will freak out every time they see a bunch of farmers or other citizens get together for some target practice in fear that this is the mob that is coming after them.

In order to live each man require accurate information in order to make correct moral decisions. Valid knowledge is like food and oxygen, a necessary requirement of human life.  Because the range of the senses of each individual is limited, men have through the practice of verbal (and later written) communication used communication with each other as a means of extending the range of their own senses and thus improving their own prospects for survival.  Societies that value knowledge will generally tend to be more economically and technologically advanced than those societies that devalue knowledge.  Whenever a military confrontation occurs between Rational states and those ruled by the Irrational, the Rational as a general rule, will prevail in the struggle.  As we see our own right to life as sacred, then we must see the Truth as nothing less than sacred.  Those who demand that we ignore the Truth or would forcibly prevent us from learning the Truth should be treated as nothing less than Enemies of Mankind in General, to be dealt will as wolves are.

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