Saturday, May 14, 2016

Sunday Morning Comment

A bit over a century ago this nation was governed by rational citizens who in turn were led by men that performed their civic and military duties in a manner commensurate with their social standing.

For example:

But today we are subject to the literal whims of creatures with absolutely no understanding of Human Life or of the responsibilities of citizenship.  They scream and throw temper tantrums that would embarass an actual child while making demands that are absolutely insane.  Their inorance of ethics and economics lead to demands that could only be enforced by those with an total lack of conscience such as Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge.

This is the face of our new rulers:

Non-sentient animals who deserve only our contempt.

But these walking brain death cases didn't appear out of nowhere.  Their precursors, and actual mothers, had made themselves known.

Twenty five years ago when I was an active member of the Libertarian Party a group of the precursors made an appearance at a Tax Day protest:

Who, you may ask, are the Art Sluts? 

Once upon a time ago (during Gulf War I) when I was an active member, the Libertarian Party of Minnesota was holding their Tax Day demonstration by the west entrance of the Minneapolis post office. We were handing out our party theft day literature to our fellow victims of socialist compassion. I was at the time wearing a dress shirt and tie to distinguish myself the Grassroots Party in their more proletarian garb. This didn't always succeed, as there was one woman who thought I was pothead and exhibited a near-psychotic fear of same. 

But since the Grassroots crowd were a bunch of socialists perhaps that fear wasn't so irrational. 

At about ten p.m., a dozen (my estimate, I didn't get an exact count) female humanoids (they were shaped like females) in tight black somethings came marching by wearing gas masks (not something one would want to wear in cold weather) and big--like three foot wide--yellow bows with price tags marked "$60,000,000,000" They were handing out little red cards identifying themselves as "Sluts for Peace/Art/Humanity/Sanity and the Earth". (With a name like that, did they really expect to be taken seriously?)

One side of their card read:

Midnight approaches. Let's talk about death and taxes. (They weren't very talkative) How much did you pay? For what? We see red. (One really can't see very much in a gas mask.)

The other side of the card read as follows:
Stay where you are now silent, or
Let us assist you in asking
Universal Questions about life.
This is it, our only life on earth;
Speak to your heart.

Now if they really wanted an emotional conversation (Oh wow man! Reason! What a concept!) the least they could have done was to leave a phone number where they could be reached. As it is, this was simply another instance of mindless posturing, (possibly a "New Age" voodoo ceremony or a audition for a NEA or other government arts grant) interfering with rational political discourse. I had to explain to someone that I was not one of the Art Sluts before he would take one of our Libertarian theft day fliers. At the time I thought that at future demonstrations I should wear my BDU Woodland pattern cammo jacket. 

Nonsense is nonsense.

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