Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Stand With Edward Cline

The following article was posted on the Harry Binswanger List:

One-line summary: You can help Objectivist novelist Edward Cline as he faces the impact of Islamic threats against him.

Last week, Objectivist novelist Edward Cline received a tenancy termination notice from his landlord because his landlord learned that the FBI visited Ed to inform him that his “Rule of Reason” column and his books, “Islam’s Reign of Terror”, “A Handbook on Islam” and his novel, “The Black Stone ” have all attracted the attention of ISIS and other Islamic terrorist groups. The landlord considers Ed’s continued tenancy a threat and doesn’t want to run the risk of Islamic-inspired murder on her doorstep.

Needless to say, this forced moved puts tremendous financial pressure on Ed. Quite frankly, at almost 70 years old, Ed doesn’t have the resources to confront it. Ed’s supporters have created a GoFundMe page to raise money to help defray Ed’s expenses.

Here’s the link to Ed’s support page: https://www.gofundme.com/25bmf85h

In my view, if good people don’t stand up and help Ed fight this menace, evil wins. The Islamists would be more than happy to see Ed in the gutter. We can’t allow that to happen. We can’t say that we value our freedom of speech and then allow jihadists to silence our good friend and fellow traveler.

I ask that if you value reason, free speech, and want a world free of Islamic terrorism, that you please make a financial contribution in support of Ed Cline today. No amount is too small and every contribution counts. 

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