Saturday, October 31, 2015

Thought For the Day

Objectivism Versus Scientology:

In Objectivism an axiom is a statement that defines the base of knowledge and is a self evident truth. The three axioms of Objectivism are that Existence Exists, that Existence is Identity, and that Consciousness is Identification. The axioms of Objectivism flatly contradict Scientology in holding that the Universe existed prior to the evolution of consciousness. That things are what they are regardless of what one chooses to believe. And that to be conscious is to see things are they truly are without regard to the claims by an self-proclaimed authority figure. An Objectivist would clearly see that L. Ron Hubbard was putting out complete nonsense and therefore would be classed as a Supressive Person in the doctrine of Scientology.

Because it is a deliberate body of falsehoods created by a con artist Scientology must hold that the act of identification--which is to see things as they truly are--as something that must be forbidden and punished.  And in a world ruled by Scientologists the truly conscious must be be put down with lethal effect.

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