Sunday, August 09, 2015

Pop Quiz

Thanks to Mark Urbin for posting this--seriously I should check out the Dry Bones site more often.

We should remember that the so-called Palestinian people are are the descendants of those who conquered the ancient Kingdom of Judea--the Roman Empire and the Muslim Jihad--along with the collaborators.   And as Islam flat out denies the Rights of Man no Islamic state can claim sovereign status.


AuricTech said...

I have an answer to #4, based on the fact that it doesn't specifically ask for the name of a political leader of a country called "Palestine" (it merely asks for the name of a "Palestinian Leader" before Arafat):

Gelasius of Caesarea.

Gelasius was the Bishop of Caesarea Maritima from AD 367 to AD 373 and from AD 379 to his death in AD 395. Since the Byzantine province of Palaestina Prima was formed in AD 390, and Caesarea Maritima was the provincial capital of Palaestina Prima, that would make Gelasius a religious leader in Palaestina Prima at the time of his death. As such, he was a "Palestinian Leader," QED.

Leslie Bates said...

Of roman Christian Palestine. To the Muslim "Palestinians" he would be just another infidel.

Anonymous said...

And that's why I could only answer question #5 (my mistake in my original answer). It was the only one that didn't stipulate a "Palestine" as a Westphalian nation-state.