Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Dealing With The Depraved

Thanks to Mark Urbin for this image:

Where do I begin?

This being (I won’t call it Human, let alone an American) is openly calling for the mass murder of innocent people.  People who have clearly done nothing wrong and are living a proper and productive Human life.

We’ve seen this before and it’s a very old story. 

The users, those who live as parasites and value power above all, see people as things to be used.  Because Users see people as things to be used a person's Right to Life and the right to protect their own lives is nullified.  And thus the armed individual and an armed population are effectively mortal enemies to the Users.

In this case the User has adopted the Collectivist tactic of identifying the armed individual as a class enemy that is to be exterminated.  He has also adopted the Islamic tactic of identifying the armed individual as an infidel that is to be murdered.

As properly armed citizens of the United States we have made every effort to reason with those disagree with us.  But like this being some have rejected reason and embraced the desire to murder the innocent.  As history has clearly shown such individuals can only be put to death.

What are your questions on this block of instruction?

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