Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Rant Of The Day

Today I had a visit with my primary care doctor.  In the waiting area of the office was the latest issue of TIME magazine with a cover story that proclaimed the end of the era of capital punishment.

Oh really?

The fundamental moral value held by Hillary Clinton as an open collectivist is power.  If Hillary were elected we can be certain that she will be in touch with what I cal her Inner Stalin.  And as a result we should not be surprised to see mass graves of her victims--including myself--from coast to coast.

In the history of collectivist states in the last century* it was clear that the central goal of the collectivist state was unlimited power over the subjects.  This requires absolute submission of the subjects to the collectivist leader.  And in every case where the collectivist state is in power those who rightfully refuse to obey the leader is seen as an enemy of the state and put to death.

The polite term is execution but in reality it is clearly the act of murder.

But that won't be all.

In the doctrine of collectivism those who are not useful to the state are essentially a dead weight that must be disposed of.  Helpless adults and children will be put down for the good of the collective as in the case of Action T4.  This was the murder of retarded children and adults carried out by the National Socialist state in Germany in which the technology of genocide was developed for The Holocaust.

And because these actions will be performed for the good of the collective the perpetrators will feel good about it.

What are your questions?

* I normally call this period in history The Century of Death

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