Sunday, May 04, 2014

Game Over

From the running commentary I kept on my most recent session of ALPHA CENTAURI:
Mission Year 2289

We are barely holding on outside new Jerusalem.  Miriam is throwing everything she has at our troops on the ground.  And the solar storms are playing hell with communications between factions.

Mission Year 2290

We had drone riots at New Unity Base.  Not being the late Chairman Yang we didn’t have the lot of them nerve stapled.  Meanwhile we are making progress on cleaning up the mess that Yang left behind.

Finally, after several air raids we got the sensor tower outside New Jerusalem.  WOW!  She’s still at it.  Miriam is now babbling about the holy void of outer space.  The only void around here is the one in her head.

Mission Year 2291

We just developed the Plasma Shard weapons technology, this may turn the tide on Miriam.  We also started work on an orbital power station.

Mission Year 2291

We had another drone riot, this one at Planetary Archives. We bribed and sweet talked this lot to calm down.

Mission Year 2294

Question of the day: Can you imagine that idiot Morgan incorporating the Aesthetic Virtues into his society?

Mission Year 2295

Finally!  After a battle long than Stalingrad we finally seized new Jerusalem.  We renamed it Lake Emerson Palmer after the band Emerson, Lake and Palmer.  We also seized the Lord’s Wrath.  As if that would have scared us.

Mission Year 2300

I clearly have the impression that we have massacred most of the Believer ground forces.  This basically leaves the base garrisons to be dealt with.

Mission Year 2301

The solar storms are over.  Miriam wanted an end of hostilities.  She starts off by threatening to use her recently developed Gatling Laser technology.  We had the opportunity to develop a version of this system a century ago but didn’t bother. 

No, the Believers in the falsehoods of Miriam will continue to die for her lies.

We later took Divinity Base, the last of her original bases on land.  Now she only has the bases she seized from Lal to hold up in.

Mission Year 2302

The Believers just gave up the old U.N. Headquarters base without a fight.  Why?

Miriam is still threatening to obliterate us to the last man.  Perhaps she really believes the BS.  (I had to explain the concept of BS to my assistants as we didn’t bring beef cattle with us to Planet.)

Mission Year 2307

Miriam is down to her one base on water. 

No, Jesus never walked on the water, and it was clear that he never actually lived.

Mission Year 2308

It’s over.  Miriam has been captured, interrogated, and recycled.

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