Saturday, July 06, 2013

Blast from The Past

Nine years ago I posted this:

So what is Hell to a socialist?

Is it having to live in a free nation?

Is it an absence of unrestrained power over another person or the society as a whole?

Is having to deal with other people on the basis of consent instead of being able to use coercive force?

Is it having to treat other persons as fully human beings that must be reasoned with instead of mindless animals that may be shoved about or killed at will?

Is it simply having to take "No" for an answer?

And here's another question:

If the Left are as they loudly claim to be, so bloody smart, why do they persist in treating as the gospel truth the collected (and edited by others) rantings and ravings of a hygenicallly challenged parasite whose most consistent followers have snuffed out no less than one-hundred million human lives over the course of the last century?


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