Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Footnote To The Ominous Parallels

One of the rules that Napoleon Bonaparte followed during his reign as a successful general was to avoid interrupting his opponents when they were in error.

As usual, the opponents of reason are in error.

As quoted on POLITICO.COM Hillary Clinton said:

My prayers are with the Martin family and with every family who loves someone who is lost to violence... No mother, no father, should ever have to fear for their child walking down a street in the United States of America.

This statement is not only false. It is the complete opposite of the truth. In fact Trayvon Martin was a physically mature individual who chose to carry out a deadly force assault against a citizen of the United States. For this act he paid the natural and proper penalty. With his life.

As with Horst Wessel of the NSDAP in Germany the African racial collectivists here in the United States have declared Trayvon Martin to be a martyr. And their political collectivist overseers are backing them with the full posture of righteousness. But the posture of righteousness is not identical with simply being right.

The collectivists in general are not only placing themselves in opposition to reality they have placed themselves in opposition to us who live by reason in reality.

I would expect them to pay the natural and proper penalty.

What are your question on this block of instruction?

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