Monday, June 24, 2013

Solstice Weekend

I had a good weekend -- apart from a bit of writers block, a cooking accident (Two stitches on my left thumb and a tetanus shot), a tornado hitting the city of Minneapolis(And hitting the municipal water intake plant, water service was out for a few hours, one of my brothers who lives four blocks away had his power go out as well).

I also entered a urination contest with a few Christians on a comment thread on Pamela Geller's blog.


In my opinion I appear to be holding my own on this.

Clearly the old pagan practice of dancing around a upturned rock while naked would not have helped.

On the plus side the view of the Full Moon at perigee from my apartment was dazzling.

1 comment:

Leslie Bates said...

There was one idiot who kept at it.

After the third comment from the idiot I declared after my response: "Three strikes. You're out."

The idiot posted a forth time.

I treat reality as being real and I'm accused of being in denial.