Friday, June 21, 2013


At Pamela Geller's blog (Atlas Shrugs 2000) she posted the following letter from a Muslim:

Dear Pamela Geller

As a British muslim, I am shocked at how America have suddenly surrendered to the Taliban. The Taliban whom you demonised so vigorously in the media, who you claimed to have defeated in 2001, now, 12 years later you want to talk peace with them? Its laughable. The Taliban have simply given the Americans more then a bloody nose, but a humiliating ass whupping, which is what this is. The mighty Americans have been brought to their knees by the Afghan Taliban, so much so that the americans are now running from the battlefield with their tails between their legs, and begging the Taliban to talk. Its hilarious to see America in this desperate position. This is a surrender in every sense and the muslim world and the rest of the world sees this as a surrender. The Taliban now have offices in other countries, who would have thought this possible in 2002? or 03, or 04, or 05 etc?

America just accept defeat graciously. The rag tag army of the Taliban have defeated the technically superior US army and its allies. This is a major humiliation for you guys. but fantastic entertainment for all those who oppose Americas war mongering.

America has been defeated by Islam.

I just posted this response:

"America has been defeated by Islam."


The fact of the matter is that the worst enemy of a nation and the armed forces of a nation is the government itself. The fact of the matter is that governing class in general decided to treat what should have been a total war as if it were a fight between street gangs.

We are losing what is in fact the Third World War because the rulers refuse to identify it as such. And that the cause of liberty is in fact a holy cause. We are in fact in a holy war.

One does not prevail in a holy war by pretending that the opposing faith is in fact valid. We can only prevail if we correctly expose the falsehoods for which the enemy is fighting. By treating their doctrine as false. And by systematically destroying their ideological infrastructure of indoctrination and enforcement. Destroy their texts and temples. And eliminate their enforcers and and indoctrinators.

What are your questions on this block of instruction?

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