Friday, May 24, 2013

What Difference Does It Make?

In her testimony on the Benghazi Incident, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton showed her contempt for the four men who were murdered by terrorists by saying: “What difference does it make?”

From the collectivist view a person is simply a thing to be used. A tool. The fact that a person has a complete life outside of the alleged goals of the collective is completely blanked out. To the collectivist the full human life is completely meaningless.

And because a person is seen as simply a tool it does not matter if it breaks as a result of being misused. The tool can simply be disposed of and replaced, as were the men in Benghazi.

Secretary Clinton’s open contempt for the people serving under her is perfectly normal for a collectivist. In The Mask Of Command, John Keegan recounts an incident where Adolf Hitler was having dinner served to him in the dining car of his private train when it stopped at a station. When another train, loaded with wounded soldiers returning from the Eastern Front, stops beside Hitler's private train. Hitler had the stewards in the dining car pull down the shades so he wouldn't have to see the other train and the wounded passengers.

What are your questions on this block of instruction?

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