Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Spot Of Tea

I attended a Tea Party rally in downtown Minneapolis at noon today at the IRS Headquarters at 250 Marquette Avenue South. There about a hundred people in attendance and there was a bit of drizzle. Several people, especially those driving commercial vehicles honked and the drove by. Not everyone was happy to see the Tea Party. Some people were visibly hostile. One woman who walked by the rally had a look on her face that was like one would expect from a member of a royal family that had just stepped in a freshly laid pile of dung. She may have worked for the IRS.

Seriously, if the Democrats want to survive as a political party they must drop the partisan nonsense and take the lead on cleaning up the abuses of the Obama administration. If not, they will go down with him.

Oh, here's a previous piece I wrote on the Tea Party.

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Leslie Bates said...

On second thought she did resemble one those "good Germans" who got a guided tour of Dachau just after the fall of the Reich.