Sunday, April 07, 2013


Today is Yom HaShoah. The day to remember the Holocaust.

I should say more on this subject, but I will say this: Those who dehumanize others will only dehumanize themselves.

Update 0435 CST:

Fooldroolcup at Legal Insurrection commented:

If I were a zit-faced Anonymous hacker, I would be cowering under Mom’s bed with a well-founded fear that some muscly Israelis armed with Uzis would burst into my basement “lair” to spread my neurons and glions all over the wall.

Pour encourager les autres.


Given their nihilist ideology I would be okay with that.

Update 0810 CST:

The only way these cyber-idiots would ever come to understand what actually happened would be for them to go up the smokestack themselves.

And that would be too good for them.

Update Monday April 8, 0245 CST:

Harry Binswanger on his mailing list said:

Today on 40th Street near the NY State office building, I saw about a dozen black-coated (apparent) rabbis protesting against “Zionism” and in favor of the Palestinians! Now I know at least why this happened today. The sign I remember was: “Jewish suffering doesn't justify victimizing Palestinians.” Disgusting.

Yes. It is.

"Honorary Aryans," or "Honorary Amalekites." Your call.

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