Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Question Of the Day

What is happening in North Korea?

A fundamental part of the problem is that North Korea has been under communist rule for over three generations. As a result everyone who was able to think and reach an independent conclusion has been killed or driven out. As rank in the system is based on blind obedience there is absolutely no prospect of an internal coup to overthrow the idiots in control of the North Korean state.

As with all totalitarian systems there is nothing to gain, or no chance to survive, for someone in speaking the truth to the leader. As a result the leaders will be completely lacking in anything resembling a clue.

Whereas authority is based on knowledge, power is based solely on force. Those in a position of authority are limited by their knowledge. Those who value value power over all simply do not care about the facts of reality.

The leadership will continue to act in ignorance without regard to the consequences.

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