Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Thought For The Day

I had thought that the villains in my science fiction novel project were a bit absurd. And then I read pages 38-39 of THE DIM HYPOTHESIS by Dr. Leonard Peikoff:

A philosophy professor at the Stevens Institute of Technology makes eloquently real the connection between nihilism and anti-integration. I quote from a letter from one of his students:

An anecdote from his own life... He said that he sat his 5 year old daughter down on his lap one day and asked "Where's Daddy?" She responded by pointing to him. He said. "No, that's Daddy's body. Where's Daddy?" She looked perplexed and then pointed to his head. He responded, "No, that's Daddy's head. Where's Daddy?" This conversation continued for some time until he had reduced his daughter to tears while she screamed, "Where's my Daddy? Where's my Daddy?" I dropped the course very soon after that...."

Over the course of writing this blog I've been accused of being Satanic. Of having my humanity surgically removed. And of being the embodiment of all evil on Earth. But this is simply sick. This so-called man effectively admitted to being a soulless being. And his daughter should have been removed from his custody as a result of this action.

I will have to finish reading THE DIM HYPOTHESIS before I resume writing.

What are your questions on this block of instruction?


Anonymous said...

Makes me want to break his bones and say, "Where's your pain?"


Leslie Bates said...

Or one can ask, "Where is the baseball bat that is striking your head?"