Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Thought For The day

We live in a dynamic universe. Changes in physical objects, such as galaxies, stars, planets, as well as geological features and the climate occur as a result of entirely natural processes. This occurs completely without any conscious direction by anyone at all.

Some people cannot accept this. They apparently believe that without conscious action the universe that we perceive would exist in a steady state. Without any change.

In order to account for the changes they see they conceived of a series of higher beings, ending with God, to hold responsible. Because God is seen as the agent of change and control, some men sought to influence him for their own benefit. Thus religion was invented. But because there is no God, the practice of religion has no effect. As a result some men, in the form of the progressive state have stepped into the perceived vacuum.

The progressive state, as the stand in for God, has to show that they are in control and a benefit to men. But because they cannot effect natural processes they must exercise control oven men. Thus they created the Prohibition Acts, economic controls, gun control, environmental legislation, and the welfare state in general. As the substitute for God they need to control every aspect of human life.

And as a result of this process the state, and in particular the leader, is mentally deified. The leader is treated as the living embodiment of God, to be worshiped and obeyed It does not matter to them that their premise is false and their actions are ineffective or negative.

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