Friday, March 21, 2008

democrats vs. the Economy

Michigan democrat Congresscritter John Dingell wants to put a bullet in the back of the head of the US economy by way of a $0.50 a gallon gas tax.

With the economy already getting slammed by high energy costs, this socialist idiot wants to make the problem worse by stealing even more money out the pockets of working American in order to waste it on Beltway Pork Barrel boondoggles.

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AuricTech said...

I will admit to having supported a Presidential candidate (John Anderson) who, in 1980, proposed an increase of the Federal gasoline tax of $0.50 per gallon. In my defense, I offer the fact that John Anderson linked his proposal for a $0.50 per gallon tax increase on gasoline to a 50% decrease in Social Security payroll taxes.

It would be interesting to use various economic models to speculate on the effect that John Anderson's "50-50" plan would have had on the economy over the past 25+ years.