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Something I Found

While digging around for some old files I found some stuff I wrote years ago for a defunct publication under the title of HORROR QUOTES:

Trying to be right is unhealthy.

– Diane Hahn, HealthEast Human Services Apparatchik, April 8, 2002

Okay dear readers, what’s wrong with the above quote?

To be unhealthy is have something wrong with one physically, or the context of the interview, to have a psychological disorder. In effect, attempting to be correct on an issue, such as the conflict I had with the brain-dead thug of a site supervisor over a payroll issue, is somehow wrong. I ended up leaving HealthEast and as of this writing (2002) I’m between jobs.

(If you are new to reading this blog I have been delivering pizza for a bit over three years now.)


The actual count of lakes in Minnesota is closer to twelve thousand and the loon is our official state bird. When I was in the United States Army my usual response to any inquiry as to my state of origin was, “the Soviet Socialist Republic of Minnesota, sir!”

The Ventura administration riled media organizations Tuesday by issuing credentials to state Capitol reporters that feature Gov. Jesse Ventura's photo and identify the wearer as an ``official jackal.''

The large, colorful credentials were delivered to about 30 radio, television and newspaper reporters in the Capitol on Tuesday morning, along with a press release citing ``security issues and accountability of who attends official Governor's Office events.''

– Lynda McDonnell, St. Paul Pioneer Press, February 21, 2001

David Pyle, Minnesota bureau chief for the Associated Press, directed AP reporters not to wear the new credentials.

``While this may have been intended as joke,'' he said, ``we take the matter seriously and will not subject AP staffers to wearing something that may be intended to demean them and their profession.''

– Ibid.

So “Jesse the Brain” is hitting a little too close to home, eh, Tovarich Pyle?

Meanwhile, over on the Left Coast:

I’m outraged by what happened ... They’re trying to take away my freedom forever and destroy me and destroy my family ... I didn’t want to have a political case ... But it was politicized by the Los Angles Police Department and the district attorney.

– Kathleen Soliah a.k.a. Sara Jane Olson. St. Paul Pioneer Press, February 24, 2001.

One of the problems with doing this column is that I am at times compelled to repeat myself. Kathleen Soliah was a communist agitator who joined a self-appointed manifestation of the Tcheka. When the bulk of this left-wing death squad were properly hunted down and killed, Soliah posed as an ordinary liberal, got married, and became an active member of the Minnesota branch of what we at The Resister call the Bolshevik party. Soliah, like all self-styled progressives, is a barbarian who won’t admit it.

Don’t let them turn this trial into a circus. Don’t let them try the SLA ideology ... We’re not here to defend the ideology or political strategy or activities of the SLA.

– J. Tony Serra, Attorney for Kathleen Soliah. St. Paul Pioneer Press, February 24, 2001.

Gee, why not?

That is what they do in such “Progressive” states as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the People’s Republic of China.

Civilized society cannot tolerate predatory and destructive behavior by groups and individuals within it. The ranting and raving of ideologists notwithstanding, there can be no possible excuse for robbery, murder, or any other form of predatory behavior.


Banking heiress and art patron Agnes Gund irritated some of her wealthy friends last week by going public with her opposition to President George W. Bush’s plan to repeal the estate tax.

– Keith Naughton, Newsweek, February 26, 2001.

In a more civilized and morally correct time, robbing the dead (or anyone unable to defend themselves such as widows and orphans) was identified and dealt with as an utterly reprehensible act. It was not unusual in the wake of disasters – such as the San Francisco earthquake – for those caught in the act of looting the deceased to be shot dead on the spot.

But Gund is part of a group of nearly 100 millionaires and billionaires who believe abolishing the tax have a devastating effect on America by shifting the tax burden from the nation’s richest 2 percent onto the poor and the middle class.

– Ibid.

First, this is pure nonsense, those of us who actually work for a living are already carrying the major portion of the tax burden.

Secondly, the take from this form of legalized grave robbing is estimated to be about 285 billion dollars over the next ten years. This is pocket change -- less than the amount allocated annually to “national defense” -- compared to the total federal budget, most of which is already wasted on various schemes for buying votes from a corrupted electorate.

Gund and her allies, including investor George Soros and actor Paul Newman, are part of a gold-plated petition drive by rich Americans who advocate that the government continue taxing their estates by up to 55 percent. The campaign is being organized by Responsible Wealth, a group that includes the Rockefellers.

– Ibid.

In other words, this petition is being pushed by the ususal gang of material and spiritual looters. The politically connected jackals and maggots who are presently feeding off of the remains of the American republic and of Western Civilization in general.

The petitioners argue that the estate tax makes America a meritocracy, not an aristocracy.

– Ibid.

Pay no attention to the Old Money Bastard behind the curtain.

A proper aristocrat -- as opposed to a Kennedy or a Rockefeller or other such vermin -- might believe that he has a patriotic or moral obligation to use part of his inheritance to buy mortars and TOW missile launchers for the heavy weapons company of the local militia unit, or perhaps purchase land for a training area.

We can’t have that in the New World Order, can we?

“I myself don’t think it is healthy to give huge amounts of money to one’s children,” says Steven C. Rockefeller, scion of one of the oldest-money families in America.

– Ibid.

Well boys and girls, can you say “hypocrite”?

By what right can anyone other than yourself determine how the product of your entire life’s work be ultimately disposed?


The Boy Scout uniform has become almost a cherished national symbol. But at a time when same-sex benefits, diversity training and non-discrimination policies have become routine, organisations say the Scouts' refusal to admit gays has come to seem almost un-American.

– Sydney Morning Herald, August 30, 2000

Oh, really? Since when?

Without digging into whatever edition of the Holy Bible we happen to have at hand, it is clearly evident to the objective observer that homosexual sodomy (even prior to the appearance of HIV virus outside of Africa) is a form of self-destructive and irrational behavior, a moral code that did not condemn it would be a contradiction in terms. From the rational Darwinian perspective, homosexuals are simply rendering themselves unfit to live. No rational parent would knowingly leave their sons in the charge of such willfully depraved individuals. The policy of the Boy Scouts of America prohibiting homosexuals as scoutmasters is absolutely morally correct.

So-called laws prohibiting “discrimination” against willfully self-destructive and predatory individuals are nothing more than a ban on moral judgement and any other necessary actions in defense of human life. In this case, you the parent, are “legally” prohibited from choosing the good of your child over the depraved desires of a pervert.

The political use of force to compel children to associate with homosexuals (and thus be abused by them) should be seen and treated as nothing less than an willfully depraved act of attempted murder. Public officials (elected or appointed) who engage in such abuses of power (which are in effect a form of Human Sacrifice) in order to suck-up to the homosexual collective are engaged in the deliberate and malevolent abuse of political authority and must be removed from their office by any means necessary.


There are 12 safety standards for every toy, but there is not one safety standard for a gun lock, even though people are depending on these to keep their kids away from guns.

– Ann Brown, Consumer Product Safety Commission Chairwoman. St. Paul Pioneer Press,
February 7, 2001.

Apparently all but one of thirty-two models of gun locks could be opened without the key. Comrade Brown apparently found this frightening. Even though there were no reports of shootings resulting from a gun lock failure. Not that I personally care, the gun lock I received with the last pistol I purchased (a Glock 36 in .45 ACP) went straight into the trash can.

Could it be that contrary to the paranoid fantasies of the anti-gun collective that most gun owning parents actually succeed in teaching their children that firearms are not toys?


When we start to seriously do deep space exploration, I think “Earth” should do it. There is utterly no sense in doing it other than as a planetary civilization. It is insane, in my opinion, to be out in space and look back at this tiny little planet that is no bigger than a pinhead at a distance and say: “I come from the United States.” You come from Earth, if you came from anywhere! Exploring the cosmos in a planetary issue, not a national issue. Sure, we got started in our nationalistic period, but sooner or later, if we want to do this seriously, it has to be done as a planetary civilization.

– Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Interviewed in Artemis, Issue #4, Winter 2001.

We are still a type “0" civilization, just emerging from the trees. When we get ourselves together and know how to utilize cooperatively all the energy available on our planet, we can become a type “1" civilization. At that point, we can begin to colonize outer space.

– Ibid.

Imagine for a moment what the state of humanity would be if the ancestors of the Europeans and the Asians could not leave Africa until the inhabitants of that miserable continent were organized into a single continental civilization. (Better yet dear reader, don’t.)

Humans in general did not wait until they were organized as a single continental civilization before going out to explore, conquer, and colonize the rest of the world.

Another point to consider is that people who were happy with life in their homelands did not seek new lives for themselves and their families here in the New World. And the supposedly “happy” (read brainwashed) inhabitants of a so-called “type one” planetary civilization are not going to pack up and leave to settle another planet, such as Mars, let alone embark on a multi-generational voyage across interstellar space.

The Universe as a whole is ours if we want it. We only have to shove the power tripping vermin out of the way.


If Atta had followed his own instructions that morning, carefully written out in a document entitled “The Last Night,” he had shaved excess hair from his body, dabbed on cologne, and sharpened his knife. He was instructed to pray, continuously, in the cab, in the airport, on the flight to Boston and as he took his seat in the first-class cabin on Flight 11. “Be happy,” he had written himself, “optimistic, calm, because you are heading for a deed God loves and will accept. It will be the day, God willing, you spend with the women of paradise.”

– “The Day That Changed America,” Newsweek, December 31, 2001.

Whereas the goal of the adherents of the Western Monotheist Tradition (if I understand it correctly) is permanent communion with God, the most consistent followers of the so-called prophet of the false god Allah are apparently motivated by the promise of eternal gratification of their animalistic desires.

But then what can one say about a false religion founded by an individual who combines and magnifies the worst attributes of William Jefferson Clinton, Lafayette Ron Hubbard, and Charles Manson? (Along with a bit of Woody Allen, or Roman Polanski for those readers living on the other left coast.)

Remember what Orwell said about the function of political ideology? The false theology of Islam serves this function, to create the illusion of legitimacy for actions which were and continue to be morally intolerable in civilized societies. Islam is a criminal conspiracy masquerading as a religion.

The self-styled prophet Mohammed (cursed be thy name) was a traitor, a robber, a murderer, a rapist, and a pedophile. Those who refused to submit to his whims (which he declared to be “the will of Allah”) were routinely robbed and murdered, and their wives and daughters raped. Anyone who spoke out against this vile creature were brutally butchered along with their entire families. The self-styled prophet’s last “wife” was only six years old (or nine, some accounts very) when he “married” her. A case could also be made in the context of Arabian society at the time for the charges of blasphemy and sacrilege.

In every respect this vile creature has earned the title ENEMY OF MANKIND.

(For a more complete picture of the origins and practice of Islam you should check out the following website:

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