Friday, April 06, 2007

Someone Else's Thoughts For The Day

Mark Whittington has some interesting things to say about Hillary:

After an undistinguished term as Senator from New York, Hillary is now running for President (or Goddess Empress.) She may be a good enough politician to pull it off, especially if the Republicans nominate a loser to oppose her. (Of course the Democrats may throw her over for Obama, on the theory that she's yesterday's woman and Barak is a fresh, new, exciting face,) But one thing is for certain. She would be a horrible President, the sort of President that wrecks economies and loses wars. And that's a risk that cannot be taken.

And he has some ideas about what one of my favorite fictional politicians would do about the Iranians and the real world since September 11, 2001.

I must confess that the suggested solution to the Hillary problem is rather interesting. Bill should really watch his back.

"Extraordinary," Francis Urquhart said, reading through the Times. He had taken to doing his morning news reading on the computer, which was in itself extraordinary. "''Mr. Clinton has been arraigned for the murder of Mai Lim, a Chinese national. A statement issued by a Clinton spokesperson denies the charge and promises a vigorous defense in the courts. However an informed source with local law enforcement suggests that the former President was found in bed with the dead, bleeding corpse of Ms. Lim, a straight razor nearby with his fingerprints on it, and a large amount of cocaine in his bloodstream.'" He looked up at his security chief. "How did they manage that, I wonder?"

"I can make inquiries, Prime Minister."

"Please do. I am curious." He looked back at the computer screen. "'Senator Clinton has no comment on the matter and is in seclusion. There is already speculation that her hitherto near certain reelection as Senator from New York has become somewhat less certain.' Well, one less problem to have to worry about."

"Yes, Prime Minister."

Do I think Bill and Hill deserve such a fate?

You might think that, I couldn't possibly comment.


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