Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Today in Pizzaland

I nearly ran over someone on my next to last delivery run today.

She just ran out into the street ahead of me without looking for oncoming traffic. And then she reacted as if I was the idiot at fault. Fortunately, my brakes worked.

I did not stop to ask her if she was a Democrat.

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akfoxsiu said...

A similar thing happened to me this morning as I was leaving daycare after dropping my son off.
While about to leave the parking lot some girl came around the corner onto my side of the road. I was still a decent distance from her so I just stopped, expecting her to correct herself. Well, she apparently isn't paying attention, and she keeps coming. I sound the horn for a good 2-3 seconds and am pretty much resigned to the head on collision that is about to happen when she pulls her head out of her ass and swerves away at the last possible moment. As she passes me by she is yelling at me. Were she a man, I would have parked my car and we would have had "words".