Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Think Of It As Idiocy In Action

Jimmy Carter is still a bleeping idiot.

ATHENS, Ga. - With the zeal of a Baptist Sunday School teacher, Jimmy Carter ended a conference on his presidency Sunday morning by telling Americans they should not fear and they should not hate.

On a weekend in which Carter celebrated the 30th anniversary of his inauguration and the 25th year since its abrupt conclusion, it was left to the former president to update his peace efforts in the Middle East to today's world by talking about terrorism and about harsh feelings against people of other faiths.

"We are developing an ingrained hatred for people who aren't Christians," said Carter, a Sunday School teacher since he was 18 years old.

Unwarranted fear of terrorism is behind these feelings, he said.

"The distortion that we are about to be destroyed makes us suspicious of those who don't worship the way we do," he said. "And our country has no reason to be afraid."

As an atheist I really don't have a problem when other people have faith in God. I just hold reason to be superior to faith.

What I have a problem with are the all too numerous assholes who commits acts of violence against my country and other civilized nations because we will not practice an untterly false religion that elevates the unholy as holy. A false religion invented by a false prophet of a false god. A religion that treats as holy an individual who committed multiple capital crimes. If the false prophet Mohammad were to appear in the United States today and behave as depicted in the Islamic records he would either be sedated and locked in padded room, locked in a maximum security prison, or given the needle. Except in the state of Utah where he would be taken out and shot.

Being afraid of insanely violent people is perfectly normal. So is doing something to permanently stop insanely violent people.

Of course this sort of idiocy is nothing new to Mr. Carter. There are a number of words I would use for the fear of the ideology of Communism, whose practitioners have by direct violence or deliberate starvation caused the deaths over a hundred million people. "Inordinate" is not one of those words.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled reality.

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