Friday, March 17, 2006

Once Again It's Friday

Vasko Kohlmayer at The American Thinker has some thoughts on what I call the Mental Inversion Syndrome or what he calls The Chomsky Paradox:

I would hereby like to coin the term “Chomsky Paradox.” The Chomsky Paradox is a singular phenomenon which takes place in the brain of a western leftist when he looks at an oppressed people and thinks they are free.

I am aware that it is nearly impossible to conceive how anyone could see the world in this way, but apparently there are such people and Mr. Chomsky is one of them. Long, indeed, is the stretch from un-free to free as the two are diametrical opposites. Logic, reason and language fail us when we try to understand the thought process which led Mr. Chomsky to arrive at his conclusion, but now we at least have a term by which to call it.

As someone who lived under communism I can tell Mr. Chomsky that oppressed is in fact not free. I am also eternally grateful that not all Americans belabor under the sway of the Chomsky Paradox. If they did, there would have been no Cold War and no Ronald Reagan. There also would have been no freedom for the hundreds of millions liberated from the yoke of communist tyranny by the United States.

If we follow Mr. Chomsky's alleged logic to its ultimate conclusion we must see that the most free man in the world is someone falling face first into a ditch after receiving a ballistic lobotomy from a marxist thug.

In reality Chomsky and those who treat him as an authority are a hazard to themselves and to Humanity in general.

What are your questions on this block of instruction?

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