Thursday, December 01, 2005

Today in Pizzaland

Some bitch stiffed me on the tip with a check for the exact amount and then had the fucking nerve to call the store to complain about MY conduct.

Never mind the fact that the streets were covered with snow and ice.

And I didn't ask if she was a Democrat.

And for the second night in a row I just started screaming, just incoherent screaming, after returning home.

I had an idea for a screenplay about the pizza delivery business. In it there would be a scene where the main viewpoint character, a driver, returns to the store to find a nun neeling outside the entrance with her rosary in hands praying.

The driver asks the manager what the nun is doing out there.

"Praying for the souls of the damned."

"But why here?"

"Why do robbers rob banks? That's where the money is."

There, I feel better now.


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