Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Quote of the Day

From Mark's Signature Quotes pages:

"I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for..."

-- DNC Chairman Howard Dean

That would be the Right of Life, followed by the subsidiary rights of Liberty and Property.

A right of the individual is a restraint upon the powers of government and society as a whole. Which is perfectly all right for those of us who are rational and productive. But to those who irrationally choose parasitism as their mode of existence an individual right is like staring at the muzzle of a shotgun that is aimed at their own heads.

Because a rational individual cannot be expected to willfully consent to having a parasite living continually at their expense, the parasite must resort to force and fraud in order to sustain its own life.

Thus the parasite tend to favor dictatorships, with a fully functional apparatus of censorship and repression, over free societies with governments that are accountable to the citizens.

To the parasite, power over the productive is life.

Any restraint on that power -- be it the freedom of speech and press, the rights to self defense and to bear arms, or the process of democratic election -- is a danger to the parasite's continued existence. Thus the parasite must oppose tyrranicide, the liberation of the oppressed peoples, and the establishment of free republics.

On the issue of violent crime it appears that the sympathies of parasites are not with the victims but are with the criminals, thus they publicly object to the execution of a quadruple murderer but care nothing about his victims.

How could any rational person not be disgusted by such antics?

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