Saturday, October 08, 2005

Rant of the Day

Someone whom I presume to be just another [expletive] Leftist wrote as a comment to an earlier post:

Is it true that Americans are easily offended? Is it true they can't take a joke? Americans always claim that they have the most tolerant religion/country/political system in the world, but they start paranoying when they see someone complaining about the fact that they are throwing bombs everywhere? Are we going totally nuts here?

For the moment I'm going to treat this as a legitimate question and not as merely another leftist sneer.

(And what collective consciousness died and left this jerk-off as the voice of "the rest of the world" anyway?)

One of the fundamental problems with the Left is that they have apparently trained themselves to ignore distinctions, such as the distinction between producers and parasites. The Left has also shown themselves to be blind to the sequence of cause and effect. Both of these bad habits appear to benefit the adherents of the "primacy of the parasite" ideologies that were invented by such parasites as Marx and Mohammed.

Now as a rule I believe that bad jokes and other falsehoods can generally be ignored as noise. Demands for submission can be dismissed with contempt. Acts of violence should be answered with deadly force. And that any state, organization, or individual that willfully supports Marxist or Islamic terrorism is simply asking for it.

Willful destruction of human life can only be evil if the killer has a choice in the matter. When someone deliberately exercises force against us or against an innocent third party then we are deprived of a choice on the issue, we must respond with force. Furthermore, when one has to knock over a terror sponsoring state like the Ba'ath Party regime in Iraq (which would still be a socialist terror sponsoring state without Saddam in charge), one has the obligation to leave a functional government in its place.

(I can understand why some socialists prefer dictatorships over democracies, the productive voters might actually vote NO to their own enslavement to the parasites.)

As to the accusation that we are "throwing bombs everywhere", no, we are not.

We are deliberately dropping ordinance on targets. The deadfall ordinance is fitted with precision guidance systems (laser designation or GPS signal) in order to avoid inflicting damage on non-targets. Hell, we are fitting guidance units to bomb casings filled concrete. In effect, we are dropping precision guided rocks on some of those bastards. All this just to avoid harming the non-targeted.

We did not start this war. It began when the false prophet Mohammed took up the sword against those who refused to submit to his depraved will. Those who choose to lay down the sword of Islam and join human civilization will be welcomed as friends. Those who continue to wield the sword of Islam against Humanity are going to have that sword shoved up their terminal orifice.

Normally I find answering lefties to be about as enjoyable as taking out the trash. But if the trash isn't taken out one ultimately ends up living in an uninhabitable dump.


LASunsett said...

"We did not start this war"

No we didn't. It was started in 1979, when Iranian Islamofascists stormed our embassy. We just didn't see it until the bastards knocked down those two towers and leveled one side of the Pentagon. But sadly enough, there are some that are still oblivious to the fact that we are at war, and that we did not start it.

Leslie Bates said...

You can certainly say that the present phase began in 1979 with the Iranians. But ultimately the source of the problem begins with the Big Mo' himself.

LASunsett said...

Good point.