Monday, June 06, 2005

The Bottom line...

With all the dems reliving their glory days of Watergate, it's important to remember some facts about the Clinton Impeachment.
Mary Mostert cuts to the chase and delivers the raw truth.
"The truth is that the impeachment process grew out of actions by the President's own Attorney General who determined there was sufficient evidence to proceed with an investigation into whether had had attempted to interfere with a witness. That investigation revealed overwhelming evidence that the President had committed felonies. In the process, he encouraged others to break the law. Based on these actions, the Constitution prescribed the impeachment process as the only political actiuon the American people could take to address the President's crimes and enable him to stand before a court of law after removal from office.

"The truth is the House managers were not following a political vendetta, as many have proposed, but were filling an obligation mandated by the Constitution and required by their oath of office. These individuals made significant personal and political sacrifices to do their duty and are still facing opposition well after the trial has concluded.

"The truth is that even though most Americans seemed unaware of it, on this President's watch, our country's security has been tragically compromised and undermined by a presidency more concerned with raising campaign money than protecting our national interests. But these were serious issues that kept slipping out of sight.

Another sad truth is that Clinton's AG, Janet Reno, when put under pressure by the Whitehouse to stop appointing Special Prosecutors to investigate her bosses, she did what former Watergate prosecutor Richard Ben-Veniste calls "shut up and salute." Leaving uninvestigated the larger sins of the Clinton Administration, including widespread campaign finance violations and the sale of classified technology to the Communist Chinese government.

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