Thursday, December 16, 2004


I keep thinking that the thirty year old movie ZARDOZ would be a neat metaphor for certain aspects of the present political and cultural situation. But I think I need to think about it some more before writing a rant on the subject.

I also saw this year's SOUTH PARK Christmas episode. (Episode 814: Woodland Critter Christmas)

If I wasn't an atheist I'd say that those guys (Parker and Stone) are going to burn for it. I'll have to tape it the next time it is shown. (Insert Evil Grin Here)

Just to fill in for my lack of activity on this blog I will now present a "Daily Affirmation for your Inner Pirate":


"I will express my feelings today. I will not hide them behind my eyepatch. My eyepatch is not a mask for my feelings, but rather a small swatch of leather that covers a hideous scar."

We now return you to your scheduled reality.

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