Wednesday, December 08, 2004

"Shouldn't You Be Frying Something?"

I've come to the conclusion that apart from his species, the character of Invader Zim is essentially the idealized form of the complete modern utopian agitator.

Like the modern utopian agitator, Zim embodies supreme arrogance combined with supreme ignorance, a total dependence on the technology created by others, and a level of personal ability barely suitable for working in the fast food industry. As one the leaders of the Irkan Empire, Almighty Tallest Purple once asked Zim, "shouldn't you be frying something?"

And what can I say about the Irkans?

They not only militarised their society in the manner dreamed about by various utopians, but they have also gone beyond those archmilitarists, the ancient Spartans, in completely removing the family from the social structure altogether. Zim's first words upon being decanted from the womb-machine thingy were, "I love you cold robotic arm."

Of course having achieved the utopian dream of totally regimenting their own society, the Irkans then proceed to indulge in that other annoying habit of practicing utopians, the conquest and ruthless exploitation of their neighbors.

Invader Zim, having been sent to Earth so he wouldn't foul-up Operation Impending Doom II the way he wrecked Operation Impending Doom I, regards himself to be grossly superior to the inhabitants (that's us) even though every one of his schemes to effect a takedown of human society is thwarted by his next door neighbor, Dib, a boy who has seen too many episodes of The X-Files.

If it weren't for the well documented effects of various utopian schemes, the various efforts of our own home-grown utopians to impose their will upon us would be almost as funny.

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