Sunday, November 09, 2003

Gaulia Delenda Est?

Charles R. Smith at Newsmax writes

Paris Wants to Drop Sanctions Against PRC

France and Germany want to drop Tiananmen Square sanctions against selling weapons to China. In fact, French Defense Minister Michele Alliot-Marie recently proposed sharing sensitive military technology with Beijing.

Why would they want to do something like that?

The removal of sanctions against Beijing is likely to result in major weapons purchases from both France and Germany. The Chinese army would very much like to purchase French Mirage or Rafale jets and the Tiger attack helicopter. The Chinese have a major shortfall in helicopters and lack a modern attack helicopter.

In addition, the Chinese navy would like to collaborate with France on the purchase of a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier and nuclear-powered submarines. The Chinese navy also would like to purchase French- or German-made air cushion landing craft for a possible invasion of Taiwan.

What do we call nations that sell weapons to our enemies?

Would it be an "ENEMY?"

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