Friday, November 07, 2003

Canadian Filmmaker Becomes (GASP!) An American

John Fucile came out and he wants Kate Hudson to know it

You see America takes people in from other places that wield machetes, and socialism, hatred and history and creates Brooklyn gold. And America does it over and over again. If you want to come, chances are you can. These people are good. They believe in things, and ideas and themselves. When your birthplace fails you in whatever way you deem it to have, the United States is here. Desire is part of the make up, heart and courage and morality.

I'm not sure if people do not understand, nor do I, the sacrifice the people of this country make for their beliefs; ideas of freedom and liberty; of humanity and decency. These are strange propositions to some and difficult concepts to deal with for others. Unlike those others though, there is no rest for America. No comfort in winning. Bronze can take the day off. The expectations are higher for Gold. The bar is raised. And it is good. People here play golf for a living. And teach and administer and build and dream and create and write and fix and mend and invent. And it all matters. It isn't against anything. Measured against your self, alone. The dollar is the dollar. Monday is always a new week and the market will be open. Get up, shake the dust off and give 'er.

Never in the history of the world has their ever been such a generous nation; generous towards other countries, and also with its’ own citizens. Citizens of America have the opportunity to live out their dreams and reap the rewards, the responsibilities and the consequences. And that has it's own problems - often leading to a neo-conspiracy-quasi-liberal morality based in a confused sense of not deserving what one has. When dreams get realized, quickly, and wealth follows, wealth beyond the imagination of the individual, as so often realized by the Hollywood left, it often leads to media or extensions of positions that are also laden with this loathsome sentiment.

And then I suddenly had this vision of a Monty Python sketch about how a bunch of Blancmanges from the planet Skyron in the galaxy of Andromeda were turning Canadian people into Americans.

"But why?" Asked the brainless but well constructed fake blonde babe.
"They mean to win...the Stanley Cup!" Said the manly (though portrayed by a homosexual) scientist.

Unforunately, Mr. Fucile was arrested by the NYPD for selling DVD copies of his own films as a sidewalk vendor.

Bloody New York socialists.

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