Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Dealing With Wolves II

In a post concerning another act of extermination I said:

I’ll start with a parable.

A small town was once attacked by a pack of wolves. Some of the inhabitants - - men, women, and children - - were maimed and killed by the wolves.

The men of the town armed themselves and tracked the wolf pack back to its lair and proceeded to kill every member of the pack. And when the guns fell silent the only sound was a whimper emanating from a hollow beneath a tree stump.

In the hollow was a newborn wolf cub. One of the men, a bald fellow who wore glasses and a old black field jacket, shot the wolf cub with his rifle.

Another man asked the bald guy, “it didn’t harm anyone, why did you kill it?”

“It’s a fucking wolf,” the bald guy replied. 

 Mark Urbin has provided this image on his tumbler site:

How does one answer this?

How can there be a rational response to such absolute depravity?

How can there be peace with those whose dearest wish is to murder you and your children?

It is simply impossible. 

Human actions are subject to choice, but to live a Human life one must be aware how to be Human.  A child must know that there is an alternative to being a murderer.  But those children raised under the guidance of Hamas know only murder as their goal in life.  Although they are human in physical form in mind they were made to be monsters programmed to destroy. And in order to live a proper human life we must destroy them.

Destroy or be destroyed, there is no choice for us.

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