Sunday, February 28, 2016

More Nonsense

The American edition of the Daily Mail site is reporting that the Salt Lake City police have shot a sixteen year old boy who was carrying a broomstick.  Although the race of the boy hasn’t been identified the article does show several photos of police confronting angry black people.

Although it’s easy to jump to a particular conclusion I will point out the following: 

The article did report that officers who were responding to an unrelated call came the teenager and his companion arguing with an adult man.  To a cop or civilian with this situation would appear to be a crime in progress.

The useless idiots who will come out to claim that the boy was unarmed.  But the fact is that a broomstick, with or without the head, can be used to inflict a blunt force trauma with deadly effect.  And though I have been paid to push a broom before my enlistment in the United States Army, I have never had occasion to carry a broomstick without the head.

Contrary to the noise generated by the racial collectivist trash known as Black Lives Matter* the rational thing to do is the say, “yes sir.” and gently put down the broomstick to defuse the situation.  To not do so is a Darwin Award level of stupid.**

* I’ve come to think of this lot as Die Swartzerstrumabteilung.

** Unless you’re a nice Jewish boy in Nazi Germany or a sane White guy on a college campus then the only option is to kill as many of the MF’s as possible.

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