Saturday, June 27, 2015

Thought For The Day

As a result of the wave of sadistic Muslim actions yesterday we are now another day closer to commencing a Final Solution to the Muslim Problem.  (What’s Arabic for Endlösung?)

But the current occupant of the White House (I absolutely will not identify him as the President of the United States) is clearly a collaborator with the Muslims who seek to conquer the civilized nations--including the United States.  As a result Barack Obama must be removed from office and put to death for collaboration with Islam and his other crimes against the United States.

And any peace-activist peace of excrement who screams "hate speech" at this statement of fact is clearly a collaborator and must also be put to death.

What are  your questions on this block of instruction?

UPDATE (Thanks to Mark Urbin):

This is what Islam is to a victim.


I would rather fly the Confederate Battle Flag than tolerate this.

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